Tour Packages

Hwange Elephants

Morning Game Drives
06:00-08:30hrs Wake up and smell the coffee, spot the dogs and cats while they are still hunting or feeding on their prey
Afternoon Safari
15:30-18:30hrs This is Africa's spectacular. We Invite you to join us view the bigger conservation of Animals such as Zebras, kudus, wildebeest and of course the biggest mammal the ELEPHANT, as they thread down to the water holes.
Night Drives
The night has just begun. If they can hunt, then, our idea in this activity is to try and see them in action. This is done at a private estate with the help of a spotlight. Also note that there are no fence boundaries between the private estates and the park to stop the animals from moving from one point to the other.
Village Tours
The village tour is an experience of a lifetime, the day in day out life practices of pure African people known as Ubuntu. A first hand grand opportunity, seeing African women carry loads of heavy firewood on their heads without fear or tear for a neck break, men milking from standing heifers using bare hands up to fill a 10 liter jug without connecting any kind of modern machinery to seize tiredness. Can you handle!!! Get to the Village Tour and satisfy your imagination